Children’s Vision

Children with blurry or uncomfortable vision (sore eyes or headaches) may exhibit reduced attention, poor handwriting and make mistakes when copying from the board in the classroom. Vision problems may also affect a child’s ability to learn to read and reading comprehension.

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Children’s Vision

Children rarely complain to adults about difficulties with their vision, so routine checks are important. Ideally, the first check should be in kindergarten. At Menai Eye Care, we explore what matters to your child.

  • Clear vision – achieving good focus
  • Myopia control – making children less short-sighted
  • Reliable vision – visual efficiency
  • Visual processing – making sense of the data
  • Vision training – strengthening eye co-ordination
  • Learning to read & write

Eye Tests For Children

Reliable vision is of paramount importance to children. Regular eye exams will make sure your children are seeing clearly. They will also allow us to identify signs of early disease.

Book a children’s eye test at Menai Eye Care today.

Clear Vision

Your child deserves clear vision. It’s basic to how a child operates in order to learn at school and in life. Often, it’s as simple as providing glasses or contact lenses to remedy blurry vision.

Reliable Vision

Many school-age children have a reduction in visual efficiency – the ability to maintain clear, stable and comfortable vision. This affects their schooling and can lead to disengagement if not detected in time.

Typical symptoms  a child may express could be:

  • Headaches
  • Tired eyes
  • Inability to concentrate
  • Excessive blinking
  • Variable vision
  • Watery or sore eyes

At Menai Eye Care, we deliver full binocular vision workups where appropriate to detect any anomalies that may interfere with reliable, sustainable vision.

Vision Training

If your child has reduced visual efficiency or eye co-ordination, it is often possible to strengthen eye muscles using very specific exercises which allow your child to train themselves out of the problem. Exercises are recommended based on their value for each different condition.

Menai Eye Care can recommend different binocular eye training packages tailored to the needs of your child. Many parents prefer vision training as an adjunct to glasses.

Controlling Myopia

There are many proven methods to reduce the rate of progression of myopia in children. Revolutionary new treatments that can literally reduce myopia progression in a child by more than half.

Visual Information Processing

It is possible for a child to have clear vision and good eye co-ordination, but not be able to use the visual data effectively in school or other tasks.

Visual Information Processing (VIP) is a measure of how effectively visual data is processed in the child’s brain. Accurate information interpretation is the final step a child needs to get the best out of their sight.

At Menai Eye Care, we provide comprehensive VIP examinations, or screening if appropriate. If an issue is found, appropriate help can be provided. Where needed, we can provide reports to aid teachers or other health professionals who may be involved in the care of your child.

Learning to Read & Write

Most children will spend the early years of primary school learning to read and write. They will then spend the rest of their school and working lives using those skills to learn about the world around them.

First we learn to read, then we read to learn.

To make this basic transition, your child needs their visual system to be working in top shape. Reading is a complex endeavour and requires many things to work together: clear vision, good visual efficiency and good visual information processing.